Ernest P. Izard Jr.

I maintain a steadfast belief that children can and will learn when taught in the ways they were created to learn best. As a long-term student of brain-based learning, the practice of teaching children from poverty, and now a keen understanding of trauma informed learning as a trainer, I believe no neglect, trauma or abuse is able to stand in the way of learning that is built upon relationship and precision-tuned teaching.

Professional Experience

With almost two decades of experience in public education, Ernest has served as a Special Education Inclusion Teacher and Professional Development Training Specialist. He supported one of the 10 largest school districts in the nation by developing and delivering trainings to vet all outside consultants and helping organize training sessions for Campus Instructional Leadership Team members. Ernest has experience in supporting students from poverty and trauma in both traditional and alternative school settings, and has also served at the post-secondary level as a professor for undergraduate and graduate studies at LeTourneau University. Dr. Izard is the founder of The Aurora Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to training applications of brain research and advanced listening skills with international experience.


As the Trauma-Informed, Brain-Based Leading and Learning Specialist, Ernest guides our work in designing and delivering dynamic professional development sessions with latest research in brain-based teaching and learning in mind.


Ernest achieved his Bachelor of Arts as a double major in Christianity and Sociology from Houston Baptist University. He went on to attain both his Master of Divinity in Theology and a Doctor of Philosophy in New Testament Language and Literature, Pastoral Care and Psychology of Religion from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Special Education PK-12

Brain-Based Learning Certification, Jensen Learning Corporation

Neurolinguistic Programming, Master's Certification

Conflict Management and Corporate Pain Resolution, Master's Certification

Approved Provider High School Redesign and Restructuring, Texas Education Agency


Published Author:

"What You Are Missing When You Are Not Listening" - Texas Study (Spring 2003)

"Ghostbusting Your Campus" - Texas Study (Fall 2004)

"Teaching Children from Poverty and Trauma" - NEA (Spring 2016)


Known for his compassionate caring and creative synthesizing of seemingly disparate ideas, Ernest is the proud father of two children, one a designer of trucks, and the other a nurse.  Four grandchildren complete his joy as he spends time sharing in their personal growth. He pastored for 25 years and is certified as an intentional interim pastor.  He has traveled extensively from Siberia and back teaching listening skills in a variety of settings. Ernest is extremely grateful for the influence of his late wife, Anne, who served as his best friend, guide and most ardent supporter for 42 years. He is currently working on his next book on healing trauma in children and adults, especially in a church setting.