Earl P. Thompson Jr.

I believe strong school leaders encourage their staff to experiment with various instructional methods to meet the academic needs of their students. Developmental leaders allow for the exploration of options that more adequately address the needs of students and provide an environment that makes risk-taking safe. Improving student outcomes begins with three critical components: Empowering (giving ownership to believing and reaching success), Encouraging (allowing growth to come at their pace while providing purposeful feedback), and Enhancing (ensuring the feeling of reachable goals and outcomes abounds).

Professional Experience

For the past 20 years, Mr. Thompson has supported youth (and the adults that work with them) in an array of settings – including, but not limited to; residential treatment, home, traditional schools and disciplinary alternative education environments.  The experience of working in mixed cultures has given him the skill set to work with any person in any situation with great confidence and understanding.


As the Behavior and Student Supports Specialist, Earl oversees our work in developing a student-centered culture. His passion for helping school staff build strong relationships with the students they serve increases personal accountability among students.  Mr. Thompson has great expertise, and takes particular joy, in supporting students with some of the most challenging behaviors (both overt and covert).


A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Earl P. Thompson, Jr. is a proud graduate of Southern A&M University achieving a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology, Pre-Law. With a mission to Empower Others, Earl continued his education and attained a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Educational Administration.


Generalist (grades EC-4)

Special Education (grades EC-12)

Graduate Social Worker

Masters Social Work

Autism Certified Specialist



An humble, yet extremely capable individual with no interest in the “limelight,” Earl loves to empower others to help youth realize their potential. He is a father of two dynamic young men and husband to an incredible wife who has also dedicated her career to the safety and welfare of children. He enjoys supporting student athletes through the National Scouting Report and believes in the importance of honing their life and academic skills as much as their athletic abilities.