Alton Maiden

I am a firm believer in the statement - A dream without a plan is just daydreaming. Each of us has 24 hours in a day, but what separates the good from the great is what we do within those 24 hours. My purpose is to help every individual I meet to recognize their potential, plan for success and take the necessary steps to make their dreams and goals a reality. I believe every student, every parent, every teacher, every administrator and every community member can succeed in life and make a positive difference in the lives of others - but it all starts with what they do with the 24 hours in their day.

Professional Experience

Alton has spent over 10 years traveling the world as a motivational speaker and member of TEAM IMPACT. In 2008, he chose to focus his talents on supporting students in secondary classrooms in the areas of Math, Science and Health. As a key teacher leader in school turnaround and transformation, Alton served for almost a decade in both traditional and alternative schools. Alton Maiden is the founder of "X-Factor Fitness" where personal training, the science of healthy nutrition and sports development are utilized to help individuals achieve their dreams.


As the Student Development Specialist, Alton is dedicated to leading our work in the cultivation of student agency, personal motivation and developing school and community pride and accountability.


A remarkable graduate of the University of Notre Dame, where he was a 3 year starter as a defensive tackle on the number one ranked team in the country during his tenure, Alton Maiden achieved his Bachelors of Science in both Sociology and Psychology. He  decided to continue his education through the Alternative Certification Program with the Dallas Independent School District to enter the field of teaching, focusing on students with some of the greatest challenges encountered by adolescents today.


Generalist 4-8

Certified Personal Trainer


Alton is nationally known for his poem "The Dash" which has been published in two best sellers. He chose to forego an NFL experience to serve as a motivational speaker and member of TEAM IMPACT, a group of world class athletes who perform extraordinary feats of strength while sharing a message of hope and inspiration across the world!


Alton has touched many lives in communities across our nation. Growing up in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, Alton says he is proof that success is NOT about resources, but rather it is about learning to be resourceful and creative. He is known for encouraging others and insisting that success lies in our conviction to charge ahead in spite of challenges. Alton is vested in improving conditions in society by addressing the skills and employment gap that plagues so many youth of color. He is highly involved with the Two-Wins Foundation which supports organizations, programs and initiatives that focus on improving the lives of those suffering from social and economic suppression globally.